Living in two languages, Persian and English, has made me curious about the nature of writing and language. The relationship between writing and the self and the sense of belonging that eludes writers, especially, writers in exile who take solace in words. I usually write book reviews and essays on the works I’m currently reading. When I come across something good, I immerse myself in the author’s universe. I try to read all their work, or if the author has a large body of work, as much as possible. Then comes my favorite part, the research. I do extensive research, read every article, listen to every talk, pay attention to every detail, and take notes. It takes me weeks before I finish an article. I may not update this blog very often, but what you will find here, is a labor of love and deep attention.

I provide highlighted links to every source for you to explore. If you like what you see, spread the word.

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“Minoo Jan”